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Feb 14 2017


How Efficient is your Workstation?

by Guest Writer:

~ 3 min read. ENJOY!

When you sit, or these days stand at your desk, do you want to pull your hair out, or does it feel like you’re in heaven and ready to take on the world? We hope it’s the latter, because man-o-man that would be terrible if you’re pulling your hair out everyday. Unless you like the bald look, than have at it!! haha 

But, seriously, you may not realize it, but your work area can positively or negatively affect your everyday productivity. If you’re starring at blank walls, living in clutter, have essential tools constantly out of reach or things always in the way, you’re not helping yourself. Nope, not one bit. 

Here are a few benefits of having an inspired and organized workstation.

1. You work more efficiently

Whether you have a laptop, two iMacs, Wacom tablet, four 30″ monitors, and a PC that can power a small city, it doesn’t matter. Use what you have, but make sure it’s efficiently organized. You want the go through the least amount of effort in order to complete a task, so keep it organized, keep it efficient. 

Lets say you’re a photographer. Maybe you have your laptop, a drawing tablet, and a second monitor. You end up using the laptop to organize your files, do some research, surf the web etc. When it comes down to editing your photos, throw those bad boys onto the larger second monitor, plug in your tablet and get to that good ole pushing and pulling! 

All the while, you’re still able to use the laptop for everything else if need be. 

Workstation of Curtis MacNewton – https://www.flickr.com/photos/curtismacnewton/18113451739

Clean and efficient!

2. Keeps the creative juices flowing

These modernly setups don’t always breed creativity, but the clean look does help. Clean and sleek is great for looking all fancy, but if you’re one who needs visual stimulation, you’ll go crazy VERY quickly. Where does the inspiration aside from web and apps come from when you’re running low on idea? That nice empty spot on the desk isn’t really going to help. 

Print out some of your work or favorite artist’s work to hang on the walls. Put some of your most treasured trinkets scattered around, but not in the way!

Workstation of Comipa – http://dante-picasso.deviantart.com/art/Pinball-Machine-Set-Up-307969851

Many times I see digital artists with action figures, posters, paintings, magazines, fan art, you name it! Anything, everything, can be used to pull inspiration from, so go ahead, surround yourself with the materials and artwork from artists and designers you admire.

Workstation of Mauricio Herrera –


You’ll be surprised with how much you can come up with. 

3. Keeps you motivated

With your workstation all clean, filled with great inspiration, you’ll enjoy creating more effective pieces for a prolonged period of time. Much longer than if you only had those four blank walls to stare at all day. Right?

Without surrounding yourself with enough creative stimulation, you can end up running into many road blocks along the way. Don’t drive yourself crazy by dulling down your work area. Stay inspired, stay motivated, and keep creating amazing pieces of work!  

Now go organize your workstation wherever it may be, see what you can do to help your productivity.