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Feb 06 2017


Build Lasting Relationships with Your Clients

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In general, it’s easy to lose touch with even the closest people in our lives. I’m guilty of this with 98% of the people I know … insert shameful emoji … Some call it life, but staying connected is something I’m trying to change, I think. Well that’s what I tell myself anyways. 

Does thinking about everyone all the time count???

Put thoughts into action and reach out, you big dummy! I’m yelling at myself, sorry. Maybe you tell yourself the same thing though. Who knows?!

This idea needs to be translated into our work life as well. Especially when freelancing or owning your own business. I can’t tell you how many one-and-done projects I’ve completed because I’ve never understood the real value of building lasting relationships with clients. Things are getting better, but it’s still a fairly new concept for me, even just sending an email saying, “hola.”

But, I do know everything is a learning process, no matter how long it takes. One day at a time! 

Here’s a few ideas I think about here and there. All will most likely overlap into personal life and friends too, so take what you will from it.

1. There are no rules

Yes, business is business, but why do we clam up to such formal people when meeting new people? There’s no reason things need to feel so up tight and nerve wracking. 

Next time you meet a new client or stranger on your adventures, open up a bit quicker than normal. You’ll be surprised how good it feels to bypass the awkward silences and stares.

2. Don’t disappear on em

It’s great to send out a thank you email after any initial client interaction, right? What happens to the weeks and months after the projects are completed? There are many companies out there with monthly, weekly, bi-weekly newsletters, reminding customers and clients about new offerings and such. It’s a great concept, but not so personal. *Hits the delete and unsubscribe button*

Reach out with a phone call. Send a thank you card. Put together personal holiday cards. Email them to see how their week was. 

Get to know them. 

Pretend they’re your new best friend, and maybe they’ll become just that.

3. Money isn’t everything

Once you’ve opened up and connected, it’s ok at times to share knowledge and services at no cost. We don’t always have to charge an arm and leg for everything a client is looking for. Try figuring out a simple solution, do some research for them. Point them in the right direction.

Bad business practice? Good deeds and positive vibes are more important to me these days. You’ll definitely reap the benefits ten fold if it’s coming from a genuine place.

So next time you think about someone, just reach out. Don’t sit there in your bubble wondering how they’re doing. Interrupt their life with something that will make them smile ear to ear. It’s as simple as a “Hey, been thinking about you.” They’ve probably been thinking about you too.

What are some habits you guys have to stay connected?


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