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Nov 30 2016


RAW: Brooklyn Gallery Show

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We got to attend our very first RAW: Artist popup gallery show, and it was an absolute privilege to be in the same room with so many amazing artists. We got to meet many Brooklyn locals as well as a handful of out of state, even international artists.

RAW: Artist Organization was founded in 2009, by Heidi Luerra. Teaming up with web developer, Matthew Klahorst, they quickly evolve a simple gallery event into an international online and offline community. They currently showcase in over 70 different cities around the world!

They provide an incredible platform for up and coming creatives to share their love for the arts. It’s a party with friend, strangers, and artists alike. It’s something great to experience, and we’re glad we got the opportunity to join this amazing community. These showcases have performances, live art, music, and tons of fun.

RAW focuses on bringing the work of these young artists into the lives of an audience they normally wouldn’t be able to reach.

Check out their What is RAW video, to learn what they’re all about!

We’re definitely looking forward to joining in on future shows.

The Show

Located at The Warsaw in Brooklyn. The photographers, accessory designers, and fashion designers showed up early to start setting up their spaces.The DJ booth was getting prepped for the festivities, and the show producers were running around trying to make sure everyone had what they need.

Once all the artists finished setting up their space, they headed upstairs for their showcase headshots.

It was only a matter of time ’til the doors opened and the festivities began. Friends and family started piling in to support all the artists. Everything kicked off smoothly with some stage performances, music, dance, and catwalks. 

Such a great atmosphere.

Check out some of the artist’s setups and artwork below. 

Maybe you can join in for the next one too!


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