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Oct 12 2016


4 Ways to Combat Stress as a Freelancer

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Work can be extremely stressful at times. For freelancers, it’s crucial to learn ways to de-stress and take control of our time. We usually stay home in front of the computer or art desk, alone in our creative bubbles, just talking to our imaginary friends, or pets.

Of course, we can set our own hours, prices, choose which projects to work on, but when it comes down to it, we have to do EVERYTHING. The stress can just pile on without being able to do anything about it. At least with a 9-5 you’re able to leave the office, right?

If you work as a freelancer, there’s a high probability you get lost in your work and forget about rest your brain. We start to forget what free time is, and hobbies just go straight out the window along with your sanity. The life-work balance doesn’t exist, we can essential become ticking time bombs. One wrong phone call, email, revision, and KABLAM!!!!! 

Here’s a few great ways to combat the stresses of being the CEO, COO, Creative Director, Marketing Director, Project Manager, Accountant, blah blah etc. etc. etc… It’s time to get back in the swing of enjoying life again. And ultimately, enjoying “work.”

Take a DEEP Breath!

It’s as simple as that. Just breath.

You’ll be surprised how much of the stresses from work can just disappear if we just concentrate on breathing. Doing it properly helps settle your mind by creating a single focal point for all that crazy brain activity.

Practice some mantras while you breath in, and out. Meditate if you will…

  • “I am great”
  • “I am happy”
  • “I am strong”
  • “There is no stress”
  • “It doesn’t matter”(one of my favorites!)

Essentially, I call this, a state of pure “lalala-lalalala.” Nothing should be able to break our good vibes, especially matters dealing with work issues.

Mentally Unplug!

People are always saying, we’re too “connected,” that we’re stuck on our mobile devices. I agree to an extent. Too often we find ourselves surrounded by friends/family, but we’re still looking down at our phones or tablets. Even so, I believe, with work, it’s a whole other ballgame when it comes to distressing.

Being connected to our social networks while you have some downtime can definitely release some pressure on our brains. Our mobile devices have everything we love on them, from blog sites, to photos, and social apps, all that fun jazz we paying attention to all day. They are huge distractions, but necessary in preventing us from being stuck working all day, ripping our hair out!

Talk to Friends, and Socialize

Make it a point to call and, or hang out with your friends. Don’t just wait for the weekend, give em a call during the week, set up a quick lunch date, meet up after work for a gym session.

By opening up yourself to more free time to interact with friends, you’ll quickly learn it take your mind off of work deadlines, emails, phone calls etc. We end up coming back to the “office” refreshed, ready to actually enjoy the time spent working.

If you don’t have friend, find local events to attend. I bet there’s tons of live shows, photo walks, gallery openings, street fairs, and much more in your area. It’s just a matter of looking in the right places and paying attention. Get out there and mingle with like-minded folks!

Find an Outdoor Hobby

Remember being younger, full of energy, distracted by so many different activities? Endless classes to attend, recess, gym, after school activities, hanging out with friends on the weekends. How was that ALL replaced by a desk chair, or a couch starring at 4 falls or a small window?? We’re not meant to sit for hours on end clicking buttons on our computers.

Make an effort to go outside, enjoy the fresh air. Try riding a bike, start running, go for walks at your local park. Pick up photography, interact with strangers. Something, anything, that will help you see more of the world around you! You’ll find it extremely refreshing and inspirational to re-introduce yourself to the outside world.

In Conclusion…

Just have fun and enjoy life more! We don’t need to put working as the top priority in life. It’s only a smaller part of the bigger picture!


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