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Dec 02 2016


5 Brush Sets for Adobe Photoshop

by Guest Writer:

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Adobe Photoshop. It’s become a household name, now that just about 98% of creative businesses and professionals use it. 95% of everyday folk want to use it, and 100% of the world has heard about the software in one form or the other. Legit stat facts right there. Promise. Just agree with it.

There’s many companies out there attempting to make their mark in the creative world. Such softwares like Clip Studio (formerly Manga Studios) and PaintTool Sai, even Corel Painter have planted their foot in the cement pretty solidly for concept artists and illustrators around the world.

They’re amazing tools for the majority of your creative needs. Adobe Photoshop still takes the crown for King of Versatility for creatives. The software has just about everything you need, especially if you’re a jack of all trades. 

Clip Studio

Smith Micro Software

Though, plenty of illustrators and artists are more than happy using the other tools, as their more focused on a specific aspect of the arts. For example, Clip Studio sets its sites on comic book artists.

#1 comic book software worldwide Smith Micro Software

Photoshop targets every type of artist. It’s almost impossible to get around the robustness of what it offers. Adobe has it’s claws in the arts like Google is the puppet master of the world.

So where is this all going?

Brushes… Brushes… Brushes!

If you talk to any artist who, whom, whose, whooooo…m? – BAHH ENGLISH!
If you talk to any artist using any of these programs, they probably have a great collection of brushes in their toolbox. They’ve either customized their own or downloaded a few sets to integrate into their workflow.

We ran into Riot artist, Kienan Lafferty, on Youtube a while back. He essentially puts his art, process, and creative life out there for us to follow along through his KNKL Show. The passion and knowledge he has is incredible and absolutely priceless.

The collection of custom brushes he has acquired over the years are crucial to his workflow. If you look through his Youtube channel, you’ll find his process of sculpting relies on how his Photoshop crushes have been constructed.

As mentioned, his knowledge-base is incredible and he’s willing to share it all in order to help up and coming artists develop their potential the best they can. Check out his in-depth walkthrough video, on how to setup as well as create your own Photoshop brushes.

You’re able to use his brush set for a variety of different tasks ranging from rough sketching, fine line detailing, and even hair particles.

Take a look at this set of 5 great brush sets you can play around with in your toolbox. If you do some research, you’ll find that many creators develop brushes per category, such as grunge, hair, foliage, textures, scratches, cracks, smoke etc. You name it, there’s a set of brushes out there for you. Fiddle with a few to learn how you want to mold your personal workflow.

1. KNK Brush Set


2. Aurora Lion Texture Brushes


3. ForestGirl Tree Brushes


4. Sonic-Gal007 Splatter and Stroke Brush Set


5. Complete Rahll Brushset


Some of these brushes are downloaded as .rar files, so if you’re on a mac and do not have software to extract the files you can go to CNET and download a nifty .rar expander for Apple computers.

Enjoy! And always remember, it’s not the tool that makes amazing pieces of art.


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